some music biz thoughts

as more and more time passes, I have a feeling I will never be able to 'officially' release my music. (commercially, independent or otherwise)

I think I'm ok with that, finally. Debt is no longer fun. ;) 

More to the point-   It is very clear that very, very few people care at all about my music. fact remains: I'm most likely not very good! or interesting, or whatever. No one is entitled to listeners, you have to earn it. (or pay for it through publicists etc, haha.)

I'm ok with that! This is not a pity party.

Still going to 'do it anyway, even if it doesn't pay' {thanks Gillian Welch for being awesome}

because fuck it.

commerce is boring. Music is Sacred.

Most Sincerely, Jeff Janis aka The River Rust aka another lone soul writing and creating stuff on the internet that , literally, no one will ever read, see, or hear.

PS--> to my fellow creators: Keep On.


Jeff Janis